Where to buy CBD oil in the USA?

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Despite the attraction of close attention to cannabidiol (CBD) over the past few years (due to its healing properties), the patients requiring it still find it difficult to gain access to medical cannabis. Currently, the products high in CBD are available only in those states where the psychoactive cannabis is approved for sale. Thousands of patients are left without access to the drug that could relieve the symptoms of their diseases in the regions of USA, where the question is not settled by local law. It is somewhat different with the product that contains CBD, extracted from the technical cannabis.

According to the DEA instruction of the USA, marijuana is made of three main components of psychoactive cannabis: flowering buds, leaves and resin. Other parts (stems and seeds) are believed to have no effect on the illegal drug market (actually, technical cannabis).

The main difference between various parts of the plant lies in the content of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, responsible for the psychoactive effect on the human behavior. Marijuana contains from 2 to 20% of THC, while technical cannabis includes less than 0.3% of worldwide controlled psychoactive substance. With this content, technical cannabis can’t a priori have a psychoactive effect on the human body.

Buds and leaves of technical cannabis contain a high amount of cannabidiol (CBD), which is very important for the human body. According to the class, the content of CBD after the extraction ranges from 1 to 5%.

20 US states permit the cultivation of cannabis for experiments and researches for possible future industrial production. Eight of them adopted the regulations supporting the cultivation of technical cannabis. Outside those states, the cultivation of low-narcotic cannabis is illegal. Some US states placed severe restrictions on the production and processing of marijuana. Therefore, people bring cannabis into these regions from Europe, Canada, China, and even Australia.

There are some modern technologies that can create the products, rich in CBD, extracted from technical cannabis. American doctors use non-narcotic cannabinoids to relieve the lives of the patients living in the US, where the attitude towards cannabis is not properly regulated. The owners of leading American companies manufacturing the products, rich in CBD indicate that the demand for such products is so high that they have to regularly increase the industrial crops of technical cannabis abroad in order to provide the patients with the necessary goods.