Best CBD oil for Migraines

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Chronic migraine is an unpleasant and painful condition faced by almost 5% of the world’s population. The biological causes of migraines are not fully understood, but it is proved that migraines are caused by fluctuations in the level of serotonin. It has been already known that cannabidiol is famous for its effect on the serotonin system, thus facilitating the symptoms of migraine. We present you some useful properties of cannabidiol.


The obvious and first property of cannabidiol is the ability to relieve and reduce pain, which sometimes can be so strong that a person is simply not able to get out of bed. It was found that anandamide, an analogue of Cbd substances, which is produced by the body, reduces pain by blocking the receipt of pain signals to the brain. So, substances such as CBD similarly affect cannabinoid receptors, which are located around the brain stem and in the vessels of the head. Thus, all this together reduces the perception of human pain during migraine.

Vasodilator effect of CBD

According to scientists, migraine pain is the result of uneven expansion of the lumen of the blood vessels of head. The pain appears as a result of the fact that the increased blood flow (due to the dilated vessels) enters the vessel, which remains narrow. As a result, there is excess pressure in this place. It is believed that the release of serotonin causes the expansion of the capillaries and the simultaneous narrowing of the major blood vessels of head.

That’s why many vasoconstrictor drugs were considered to be a potential panacea for migraine. If we talk about cannabidiol, it is considered a vasodilator, but it is little studied. So, do not rule out the reverse action – in some situations, CBD can cause vasoconstriction. However, no matter how it actually happens, cannabidiol reduces pain in migraine, which is confirmed by many patients.

CBD against involuntary tremor

People who suffer from frequent migraine attacks have a high risk of tremor, which is more often manifested in trembling of hands, sometimes – neck/head and vocal cords. Tremor is often noticeable when a person does something – draws or writes, speaks. Special studies on the treatment of tremor with cannabidiol have not been carried out, but patients using CBD to relieve pain claim that it is effective. In addition, a number of scientific studies prove that cannabidiol helps relieve tremor in other diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Cannabidiol helps with nausea

It is proved that nausea is a frequent symptom accompanying migraine. It is believed that nausea occurs as a result of lowering the level of serotonin after the attack. It has been scientifically proven that CBD is effective in relieving symptoms of nausea.

The use of cannabidiol to relieve migraine symptoms

It is better to talk about the inhaling of medical cannabidiol using a steam inhaler, vaporizer or e-cigarette. A minute later, the patient will feel a decrease in headache and relief from migraine. Studies have shown that cannabidiol is also able to help in the fight against diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, schizophrenia, Crohn’s disease and others.